Thursday, June 16, 2011

Spirit of Nashville Donates Commemorative Flood Prints to the City

After the 1-year anniversary of the Great Nashville Flood, we met with Nashville Mayor Karl Dean to present him with 3 jumbo canvas prints of our Spirit of Nashville flood relief designs. We wanted to thank him for his leadership during a very challenging time and commemorate the strong character displayed by Music City during and after the flood.

Joel Anderson, founder of Anderson Design Group and the Spirit of Nashville Collection wanted to give the city a set of these prints so the art could be displayed in a public area where all of Nashville would be able to enjoy the art for years to come. The 3 over-sized canvas prints will be permanently installed in a public building that has yet to be determined.

The two flood prints from last year have already sold out, raising over $30,000 for flood relief in the process. The new 1-year anniversary print is selling well, and all the profits are being donated to the Community Foundation’s flood relief fund. To order your own print and send $30 straight to continued flood recovery efforts, visit our Spirit of Nashville site.


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