Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our pals at Farm Boy Brands asked us to create a few more designs for their upcoming apparel collections. (They create cool stuff for folks who dig life on the farm.) We love working with them—our illustrative design is a natural fit with their vintage-Americana style.

The process works like this: their art director sends us a list of phrases and shirt colors. We sketch up rough ideas. Once they sign off on our sketches, we roll up our sleeves and fine-tune the designs to reproduce in 3 to 5 solid ink colors for screen printing or stitched designs on t-shirts, pillow cases, hats, etc. The hat shown above is a spin-off from a best-selling shirt Ligia designed last year.

Andy sketched up this concept for the Sunride Sunset shirt. With a simple color change, this design went from a rugged dude shirt to a sassy chick-tee!

Ligia got her hands dirty creating two design options for the Get Your Dirt On shirt. While both options were very cool, the simpler, cleaner design won out in the end.

Here are two more shirt designs we did for the 2012 catalog. All of these designs will be featured in the Farm Boy Brands Spring/Summer 2012 Collection and Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

Check out all the fabulous Farm Boy/Farm Girl designs at their official web site!

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