Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 ADDY Awards

After being cheapskates by only entering 3 campaigns in the 2013 Nashville Advertising Federation ADDY Awards, we still ended up winning 4 ADDYs.

The ADDY Awards are held every year to recognize outstanding advertising and design in the greater Nashville area. Winning entries go on to the regional ADDYs and then on to the national ADDYs. Even though 3 of the awards were GOLD ADDYs, we didn’t win any actual gold.  As always, they turned out to be fancy glass paper weights, that were awarded to us for the following projects:

Gold ADDY for the Ram Truck Posters/Postcard series: We were hired by The Richards Group in Dallas, TX to create 6 posters for Ram Trucks that had the look of old WPA National Parks posters. Our pals at the Richards Group took our illustrations and made some fine print ads and 4-story tall wall-scapes, too! Former ADG staff artist Andy Gregg worked on this before he moved to Chicago. Way to go, Andy!

Gold ADDY for our Anderson Design Group self-promotional posters, postcards, and calendar: We created 13 posters to celebrate Nashville’s beautiful Metro Parks. Then we created a calendar and postcard set for everyone who doesn’t have room for 13 large posters on their wall! This series of posters, calendars and postcards all was printed by McQuiddy Printing. Nice job, guys!

Gold ADDY & Best of Show ADDY for Denny’s Tour of America menu art, postcards and posters: We were hired by Erwin Penland, the Denny’s Restaurant chain’s ad agency to create art for their summer Tour of America menu. Everyone liked the menu art so much that they asked us to create gift items—so we produced a 7-poster series and a 14-piece postcard set. Apparently, the judges for the ADDYs liked them enough to add an extra trophy to the trove—the treasured Best of Show Award for the whole Print Category.

We were satisfied that our entry fees paid off—even if we didn’t haul off any 14 karat gold that we can turn into bling. We got kudos from our peers, along with some stylish glassware that will be ideal as doorstops, prisms, self-defense weapons, paper weights—and street creds.

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