Thursday, September 16, 2010

Art for ReTune Nashville

Four months after the historic flood, many Nashville businesses and individuals are still struggling to rebuild their lives. Among the hardest hit were the local musicians who stored their gear and instruments in a facility called the Sound Check. The entire place flooded and millions of dollars worth of musical instruments were ruined overnight. Sheri ONeal, A local photographer began collecting damaged instruments and giving them to local artists who would turn the sad remains into brand new pieces of art for an upcoming charity auction. Thanks to her efforts, and then the enthusiastic involvement of many others, ReTune Nashville was born. The big event will be on October 23 at 7:00 pm at the SoundCheck. Funds raised will go to: Nashville Musicians Association Flood Relief Fund and MusiCares Nashville Flood Relief.

Two months ago, Anne Browne of the Arts Company handed Joel Anderson a beautiful (but useless) warped guitar that had been salvaged from the SoundCheck. He immediately started to think about how to turn it into a piece of art for the auction.

Eventually, he created a giant collage built on a salvaged door layering together his flood relief posters along with a bunch of picks, strings, bottle caps and drum sticks donated by other musicians he knew. Joel cut a hole in the door and lowered the guitar into the cavity and sealed everything up with an acrylic medium. Kevin Dransfield from
Belle Meade Framers donated the frame to finish it off. The finished piece is called Play On. All together, it was a cool melding of graphic design and fine art. We hope the piece raises a bunch of money for this worthy cause!

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