Monday, February 28, 2011

Progress on Spirit of Franklin Poster Art

We've been working on the first six posters for the Spirit of Franklin/Leipers Fork Collection, but six more are still undecided. We plan on having the a total of twelve done by summer, so don't forget to contact us on Facebook (or comment below) soon and let us know which Franklin landmarks you would like to see poster-fied!

The first six are (at least for now):
Franklin Town Square
Battle of Franklin
Franklin Theatre 
Carnton Plantation
The Factory 
Leipers Fork Downtown

Below are some of the thought process/development on the Franklin Town Square poster.

After starting with the color thumbnail we created the type treatment. This was a little difficult to work into our traditional poster format, so we adjusted it a little.

We also colored it. Often we create the typography first to set the tone and color palette in a poster. The type is a bit easier to control than an entire landscape.

We first worked on the foreground "hero" object(s) that will be the focus of the poster. In this case we're looking at the Civil War Memorial obelisk at the center of downtown Franklin, along with one of its four corner canons. The halftone dots we applied early on to the canon were eventually removed.

The art went through multiple color iterations. The one on the left felt too monochromatic (and pink!), but the blue/green didn't feel right either. We eventually went with something more true to the original thumbnail palette.

Finally we shifted around some of the typography and adjusted the colors a bit more, and now it's ready to work on in Photoshop. We'll post the final version here soon.

Here is a not-quite-finished Factory idea that our fantastic intern, Vanessa Baker, has been chiseling away at.

Anyway, keep those suggestions coming!

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