Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Branding Project: Revolution Doughnuts

Since the economic down-turn, we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs put everything on the line to start up new ventures and turn their dreams into a reality. We enjoy being entrusted with these dreams and doing our part to help other small businesses spur the economic recovery. Since January, we have created new branding for an organic farmer, a gelato shop, a beer brewer, a hair salon, and other cool stuff that we can’t talk about yet!

A few months ago, we had a request to create the branding for a new doughnut shop in the Atlanta area. Owner Maria Moore Riggs hired us to help her develop a classic, home-grown brand identity for her shop which was slated to open late in the spring of 2012. She sent us some style research to show us the basic vibe she was looking for (some of her style samples were actually things we designed!)

Maria wanted to re-brand her baking biz (formerly called The Little Hen Bakeshop – a Decatur Farmer’s Market vendor) – to be a real brick & mortar store serving coffee and all-natural specialty doughnuts. The new shop will be called Revolution Doughnuts, and it will be located next to Ale Yeah! and Avellino’s Pizza at 908 West College Ave in Decatur, GA.

Once we reviewed her style research, we baked up some rough logo concepts for her to sample.

Maria found one rough logo concept to be particularly tasty. So we took that concept and rounded it out as a more finished-looking brand mark.

We finalized the logo and the color palette. Then we applied the new look to a few items to show how the branding could work on merchandise, etc.

Maria describes the cafe/production kitchen this way: “We are starting a doughnut revolution in the south – returning to a time when doughnuts were simple and tasty – made from scratch with real food ingredients – without all the pre-fab mixes, funky oils, preservatives, fillers, or stabilizers that the big doughnut chains use. In addition to our regular menu we will also have vegan and gluten free treats.”

We hope to taste her doughnuts soon and celebrate the realization of her dream when the shop opens. (Click here to see her Kickstart video.)

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