Wednesday, June 13, 2012

NEW “Vintage” Travel Posters!

We don’t get out much, but we have had lots of fun creating new travel posters for places we went to back when we actually had time to travel. Now that we are so stinkin’ busy doing cool stuff for Denny’s, Williams-Sonoma, Ram Trucks and other awesome clients (who found us on,) we sit in front of our Macs all day, dreaming of the places we’d like to visit when things calm down. And for us creative-types, dreaming usually leads to inspiration for new poster designs.

That is how our Art and Soul of America line has grown to include over 50 different favorite U.S. travel destinations. We just added 2 brand new national parks posters—Glacier National Park and Joshua tree National Park so we would have enough designs to produce a 2014 calendar with Zebra Publishing. (Yeah, they work THAT far in advance!) Both of these designs were created by Michael Korfhage and Joel Anderson. It was fun creating different temperature extremes by using icy colors for one design and hot hues for the other.

Michael and Joel have also been experimenting with creating some State Pride Prints. They started out with 3 designs: New York, California and Texas. (More State Pride designs will follow as time permits.) These 3 new designs are available on our store site in the Art & Soul of America collection.

We still have several more American cities and national parks to cover before we can say that the Art and Soul of America collection is done. So look for Minneapolis, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and several other prints to be added in the fall.

After covering so many U.S.cities and parks, we have set our sights on world domination. We’ve always loved European Travel posters and drooled over the chance to integrate motifs, colors, and typography from different cultures into our designs. We started the World Travel collection with 9 different prints that feature some of our favorite international cities. Shelby Rodeffer worked with Joel Anderson on 7 of these designs. Joel worked with Christopher Stewart and Michael Korfhage to create the 2 Paris designs. 

We plan to add several other cities over the next year. This cool new collection is now up on our studio store site under the World Travel heading. Here are close-ups of a couple of the prints...

We decided to add one more collection to our studio store site. Political Pimp is what we are calling this ever-growing arsenal of election-related posters... As we watch the election coverage, new slogans and gaffs will surely provide inspiration for future designs.

Check out the 2 latest pithy political prankster prints by Joel Anderson...

And finally, our newest collection of travel poster art came from an unexpected place—the Denny’s restaurant menu! Several months ago, folks from Denny’s ad agency saw our prints selling on They liked our classic-looking Americana prints so much, they hired us to create 7 new designs for their Tour of America menu, which is in all the Denny’s restaurants in the USA and Canada from now until December 31. After the menu art was finished, we all decided it would be swell to create a collection of ready-to-frame posters, postcard sets, and note card sets.

The Denny’s Tour of America collection was added to our store site on June 1st. The prints and cards will be available until December 31, 2012 or as long as supplies last!


  1. your glacier bay print is lovely. is there any chance you will be partnering up with deny for a duvet with that design?

  2. Hi, how do i purchase the Sydney poster?