Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We Art Nashville

On Friday, May 21, Joel joined our friends at The Arts Company for a special ceremony to present Mayor Karl Dean with the first two (1/100) Spirit of Nashville flood posters.
The event was a benefit for Nashville flood relief and included many other neighboring galleries. The money raised from $10 wristbands, 10% discounts, and $35 Spirit of Nashville posters went straight to the Community Foundation. It was a great night! (To see more photos from the event, check out The Arts Company's Facebook page.)

These posters, which have raised over $24,000 for Nashville flood relief, have been a huge success.We sold over 800 posters in one week. Drop by or call us today if you want one before it's too late!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

NEW Spirit of Nashville Flood Relief Posters

ADG teamed up with McQuiddy Classic Printing and Athens Paper to produce 2 limited edition prints that celebrate Nashville’s incredible strength, generosity and sense of community during the recent devastating floods and recovery efforts. Spirit of Nashville will sell the prints online to raise money for flood relief. 100% of the profits will go directly to Samaritan’s Purse and the Red Cross. The prints will be available on Monday, May 17, 2010, but you can pre-order them now.

We will produce a limited edition of 500 prints of each design. The prints will sell for $30 each. For every sale, $30 will be donated directly to the relief agencies. For online orders, shipping will be added to the price, unless the purchaser wishes to pick up the print in person at our studio store.

One poster is titled “Spirit of Nashville” and features two hands joined in lifting a guitar out of the water with the words “Spirit of Nashville: Courage, Hope, Strength, Pride, Generosity” running across the state Flag of Tennessee. The other poster titled “Play On” features a female musician performing in a spotlight. The design was originally created by Matt Lehman when he was one of our staff designers. The woman was on stage in the original design, but in this new version, Joel revised the art by adding flood waters covering the stage, with one of Music City’s new motivational themes: “PLAY ON.”

To see all the various Nashville flood relief posters produced by other designers, check out Collide Creative's blog.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Nashville Under Water...

Anderson Design Group and Spirit of Nashville were very blessed to have not been affected by the terrible floods that did so much damage to Music City last weekend. For that we are very grateful. Thanks to all of our out of town clients and friends who have asked how we are doing. We know many people who were not as fortunate—we will be lending a had to help folks clean up the mess this weekend. And over the next few months, we want to help flood victims in two other small ways:

1. If you own a Spirit of Nashville print that was ruined in the flood, you may bring the water-damaged print to our studio and we will replace it for free. (Sorry, we cannot replace the frame, but we will be happy to replace your flood damaged prints between now and June 30th, 2010. Some designs are no longer in print, so we may need to replace an out-of-print design with another design of your choice.)

2. If you have a friend whose home was flooded, we would like to give them one free print as a house-warming gift, once their home is restored. It may take several months for folks to clean up and get their walls ready for art again. And we realize that art is the last thing on everyone’s mind right now. But a Spirit of Nashville print is a wonderful finishing touch for any home. It’s also a great gift to give to a friend who has been through a hard time. To take advantage on this offer, please bring a photo of your friend’s damaged home. We will give you a free note card & envelope to write an encouraging word for your friend, too. (One free print per customer, please.)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Olive & Sinclair -- Good as GOLD!

Anderson Design Group was honored to take home a GOLD Award for the packaging category of the AIGA Tenn Show Awards on Friday, April 30th. Tenn Show, the state’s most prestigious juried design competition, was open to professionals and students throughout Tennessee involved in designing visual and creative communications in print, motion graphics, packaging and seven other categories. Mayor of Nashville, Karl Dean, gave a presentation during the event about art and community advocacy. Over 200 AIGA members and non-members participated and their work was judged by a panel of creative professionals from each Tennessee AIGA chapter. Only one GOLD Award was given for each category.

Much like the recent ADDY Awards, our Olive & Sinclair Chocolate bar packaging design caught the judges’ eyes. We can swear on the Bible that they were not bribed with delicious chocolate—(that’s because we ate it all ourselves! Then we stuck cardboard inside the wrapper and made dummy bars before we sent in our entries.) Anyway, this packaging seems to be doing its job. Olive & Sinclair Chocolate sales continue to increase, and people continue to buy the chocolate and save the labels!