Friday, September 20, 2013

Music City Eats festival

If you're one of the lucky ones who will be in Nashville this weekend for the Music City Eats festival, well, you're in for a treat! Featuring local restaurant showcases, cooking demonstrations, wine, beer & spirits tastings, intimate panel discussions and, of course, live music, Music City Eats will present the best of high and low cuisine, dishing up authentic Southern flavor in a fresh, inspiring way. 

C3 Presents, in partnership with the Kings of Leon folks approached us with the task of helping them brand Nashville's first food, wine, and spirits festival! C3 Presents are the event organizers behind some of the biggest festivals (among them is Austin City Limits…which we've had the pleasure of working on before), and now included in their long list of credentials will be MCE. 

We started out with sketching a logo design for the event. After a clear winner was chosen, we moved on to poster sketches and finally, a style guide that could be used to create everything from the website, to banner ads, to napkins. To see more of our designs in use, or to snag a ticket for the event, check out their website. Happy eating Nashville!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

High Brow Brew

It's safe to say Nashville has enjoyed a growth spurt of awesomeness these days. Local businesses are booming and we still pinch ourselves at the privilege of helping so many of these talented local artisans launch their brand. More and more creatives are moving in and using their talents to add a unique flair to the city's diverse culture. Among these skilled folks are Steve Pearson and Dorene Williams; West coast transplants who have brought with them years of working in creative environments. Stylish, sophisticated, and not afraid to speak openly about what they like and don't like, this hip duo immediately won us over after they approached us with a unique opportunity to brand a new coffee shop in Franklin. 

The coffee lovers that we are, we got jittery (with excitement!) for the chance to be able to work on a coffee shop, but what Steve and Dorene had in mind was even more special. They wanted to open a coffee shop that celebrated the flavors and lifestyle of the South in a way that elevated it to a more refined, sophisticated level. They even used the term "fancy chickens"; we were smitten! While the name "High Brow Brew" is meant to be taken "tongue in cheek," it has also become their business philosophy of setting high standards for providing quality goods. The name takes on additional meaning in that it hints at the brow view of the Tennessee countryside from their family's farm in Leiper's Fork.  
After a few rounds of sketch comps, we settled on a logo that felt a little bit glam, a little bit country, and full of Southern charm. The sunrise over the hill represents the view from the family farm, while the stylized swashes in the letter forms allude to the swirls of steam from a hot cup o' joe. The logo was finished off with a fanciful design of chickens and pipes. They were added as a fun yet subtle brand theme (because what's more whimsical than smoking chickens, right!?) In addition, we used some of the same elements to create a monogram logo mark, and parts and pieces that could be used on everything from napkins, to cups, to cigars. Warm, welcoming, and friendly, Steve and Dorene used their talents to extend the same vibe to their space with rustic barn wood, mason-jar lights, and a grand chandelier that flanks the entrance. Yes sir, Nashville is pretty awesome, and thanks to people like Steve and Dorene, we reckon it will stay that way.

To enjoy some delectable southern treats, visit their site for location and hours. 

Designer: Ligia Teodosiu
Photography: Promedia Tours