Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Designer Highlight: Aaron Johnson

This month's designer highlight features Aaron Johnson, our team's powerhouse illustrator. Aaron grew up in Nashville and took to drawing at a young age. After attending Watkins College of Art and Design here in town he set his sights on Anderson Design Group where he started out as an intern. In his free time he enjoys eating strawberry flavored foods and going to comic book and anime conventions.

Aaron handles much of the illustration that we do for client business, and also contributes to our ever growing poster collections in-between projects. He enjoys working in many different illustration styles and always looks to add new art movements or variations to his library of skills. 

Hand lettering and artisan packaging are another passion of Aaron's, and he had a lot of fun creating the Old Glory labels and branding. 


When he he isn't drawing for Anderson Design Group Aaron enjoys drawing Japanese anime styled art, digital painting, and making over-the-top pictures. He also helps his contribute to his girlfriend's business Cute-Loot, which sells cute geek-related prints and merchandise at comic conventions.

When he's not drawing he does sculpting, sewing, woodworking, metalworking, and makes prop electronics, such as this custom lightsaber that lights up and makes vmm vmm sounds. 

Need an illustrator for your next project? Call us and we'll put Aaron on the job. He knows so much about Photoshop and Star Wars that we've nicknamed him Adobe-Wan Kenobi