Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NEW Lake & Lodge Poster Designs!

We’ve created a lazy new line of prints just in time for summer—check out our Lake and Lodge Collection. It’s full of art that celebrates the simple joys of goofing off in the Great Outdoors.

Our customers love to decorate with art that makes them smile. After spending time with pals at Cherokee Lake near Knoxville, TN, Creative Director Joel Anderson was inspired to start illustrating a new batch of decorative poster art. He and a few of his artist buddies banged out a set of brand new designs that just might make you want to call in sick and spend a day in the woods or on the water!

“Lake and Lodge art is all about having fun in nature, bonding with people you love, and getting away from the rat race for a little while. The colors should be inspired by trees, water, sky and wild life. The words and the imagery should transport you to your happy place. Poking at camp fires, fishing, hunting, playing, swimming—there is just not enough art out there that celebrates these wonderful little moments of rest and relaxation. So we took it upon ourselves to create more,” says Joel.

To see the entire collection of prints, visit our site at: www.ADGstore.com.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Last year The Hermitage asked us to design a new logo as the first step toward rebranding the historic landmark and public museum.  The goal was to make Andrew Jackson a more prominent element of their visual identity.  Illustrator Aaron Johnson accomplished this by incorporating Andrew Jackson’s portrait and his signature into the new logo.

This year the Hermitage opened an all new exhibit, Andrew Jackson:  Born for a Storm, and hired us to design the advertising campaign announcing the grand opening of the state-of-the-art, 1.1 million dollar exhibit.  The exhibit focuses on the three pivotal stages of Jackson’s astonishing life: his modest origins as an orphan, his resiliency as a General and his visionary leadership as a President.  Drawing on themes from the exhibit we built a campaign around the iconic portrait of General Andrew Jackson on His War Horse.  In total we created over 10 different designs including billboards, banners, print ads, and digital media graphics.

They were so happy with the work we did on the campaign that they decided to have us design a comprehensive set of stationary for the new brand identity.  Inspired by the fact that Andrew Jackson signed some of the most significant documents in America’s history, we decided to incorporate an aged parchment texture to help unify each of the pieces.