Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Classic Travel Art—in a Wall Calendar and a 3-Box Post Card Set!

Every year, we create a new wall calendar to showcase our original poster art. The theme for our 2015 calendar is American National Parks. For this calendar, we adapted 13 of our original posters to fit the 11" x 14" format and added lots of interesting information about each park under the calendar grid below. This calendar was printed on premium gallery-grade paper, so folks can cut out each of the 13 mini prints and frame them.

Creative Director Joel Anderson chose his favorite National Park prints from the dozens of posters his team has created over the last 4 years. The chosen illustrations were done by ADG team artists such as Andy Gregg, Julian Baker, Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson. ADG designer Ryan Pflasterer did the cover and veteran staff designer Edward Patton laid out the interior. McQuiddy Printing, (a Nashville-based printer that has been in business for over 100 years) produced the calendars just before they closed their doors forever. It was a great way to go out!

This calendar has been our top-selling calendar ever. We have fewer than 100 left in stock! (Nab yours at our web site while they last!)

Sure, wall calendars with 13 free ready-to-frame prints are great, but we also needed a product to showcase our Art & Soul of America travel poster art that would not expire at the end of the year. The collection has grown to feature over 150 designs and, of course, nobody has enough wall space to display them all. So Joel came up with a way for any poster art fan to own 100 of our best American travel posters—he shrunk them down and created a deluxe 3-box set of postcards! The collection is broken into 3 sets—set one features 32 Western U.S. Cities (located West of the Mississippi.) Set two includes 36 National Parks, and set 3 boasts 32 Eastern U.S. Cities. The box fronts showcase 3 iconic scenes from West to East. The spines are red, white and blue, and the backs line up to create a nifty map of the USA scene!

These special edition postcard sets were printed in Oklahoma by CRS Printing on premium paper. We made sure the print quality and finish were just as fine as the calendars, just in case people want to decorate with art from both items. We produced a limited number of 2,000 of these beautiful 3-box collector sets. (You can find them for sale on our site, too.)

Line up the backs of the 3 boxes to create this swanky Explore America scene!
The prints from the National Parks calendar fit a standard 11" x 14" frame. The postcards are standard postal regulation size: 4.25" x 6". Together, they are an easy and cheap way to collect and enjoy over a hundred different classic illustrated poster designs by Anderson Design Group.

Here are just a few of the posters from the Art & Soul of America series. You can see the entire collection, (our official retail site.)

This summer, Joel and his family is going on a 2-week trip to visit several National Parks and take more reference photos for new posters. Look for a whole new collection of prints next year! Until then, enjoy our 2015 wall calendar and Deluxe 3-box postcard collection while supplies last!