Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shirt Designs for Farm Boy Brand

Farm Boy Brand has created wonderful collections of stylish casual apparel aimed at folks who feel more at home on a horse than at a desk. The Farm Boy catalog is full of amazingly-designed products—so we were flattered when they called us and asked if we’d like to create 5 more shirt designs to add to their Blue Ribbon Collection. We rolled up our sleeves and dug deep into the fertile soil of our imaginations to come up with fresh, colorful, fun designs to fit their cheeky farm girl themes.

After some good old fashioned hard work, Ligia (a city girl) got in touch with her inner farm girl and came up with 5 sketches. The concepts translated beautifully into full color screen printed designs on some very fashionable t-shirts.

Now we are working on some new Farm Boy / Farm Girl designs due to come out next season. See more of their awesome products at: www.farmboybrand.com

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Limited Edition Great Southern Brood Prints

The Great Southern Brood poster series, part of the Cicada Invasion! product line, was silk screened as a limited edition 18" x 24" collection and was created by staff designer/illustrator Andy Gregg. The three poster series receives its title from the nickname for Brood 19, the specific group of cicadas that emerge every thirteen years in the Mid South by the millions. Each poster design is limited to 30 numbered and signed prints printed by Kangaroo Press.

We got to stop by Kangaroo Press's workshop as Ryan Nole, founder and owner of Kangaroo Press, was finishing up our posters. He was kind enough to give us a little tour.

An old Heidelburg Press.

The super cool T-shirt printer.

Letterpress letters. 

This automatic screen printer machine silk screened our posters, one color at a time. Brady, Ryan's assistant, was working so hard he was a blur.

Brady (left) and Ryan posing with the (near) finished product. All three are very handsome.

We also recently had the opportunity to work with Snowcat Press on a printing of 90 special neon colored prints. They are even cooler under black light.