Thursday, December 20, 2012

A New Rising Star...

ADG is excited to announce the newest addition to our full-time Studio Team! Aaron Johnson impressed us as an intern with his amazing illustration skills and sly sense of humor. (You might recognize his collaborative work on the the "Best of Nashville" Scene cover from this past fall.) Apart from making a great impression as an ADG intern, Aaron was awarded a Gold and Silver ADDY in illustration for his Mega Macho Manly Men Calendar. It doesn't stop there, he also won best of Advertising in the Split and Twisted 2011 Student competition at Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film where he also teaches a community class on digital painting.

We knew he was talented, but his work on our Political Pimp posters sealed the deal for us. Aaron made it through boot camp, and now he is scoring direct hits on the front lines of design awesomeness. Here are some samples of his work:

A little more background info on Aaron: he was born in the O.C. and raised in Nashville, where he decided to dedicate his early years to drawing cartoons and making corny jokes. Finding illustration and graphic design the perfect fit for his odd skill set, he attended Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film. In his spare time he enjoys eating strawberry flavored foods, building replicas, watching Japanese Anime, and teaching people Photoshop. After becoming an illustrator his new life goal is to one day ride a zeppelin.

Keep an eye out for fresh new ADG illustration and design work starring Aaron Johnson!