Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Fleet Bicycle Tours

Watching people outside enjoying the weather through our blinds while we stayed in making cool artwork got us itching to get some exercise. That itch was scratched when we got a call from Green Fleet Bicycle Tours. Founded by Austin Bauman, who started Nashville's only bicycle courier company, the business now includes a bicycle shop and guided tour service.

The bike tours start at the bicycle bus, which is parked under the pedestrian bridge between 1st and 2nd Ave S. The bus, which houses the bikes for the tour, was painted by local artist Andee Rudloff and a team of young artists.

The first thing to do was get the Green Fleet experience. Joel and Aaron took a bike tour over the pedestrian bridge, and got a feel for the business. Austin, who rides for fundraisers and visits children's hospitals, favored the whimsical folk art style from the bus. We incorporated that same feel into our poster which has the whimsical and adventurous youthful spirit that invites people of all ages to take a bike and explore downtown Nashville.

Next came the postcard and sticker/patch design, which speak perfectly with their bicycle courier roots.

Lastly came the logo. Working in reverse of our normal process the logo drew elements from the poster and patch but focused on the bike shop, which deals in tune ups and selling bikes. Now they have everything to tie the bike shop and the tours together for the complete Green Fleet experience.

Check out their website for information on how to book your bike tour!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bird Dog Whisky

Hunting season opened early this year, when Western Spirits tracked us down to do a poster for their Bird Dog Whisky. With their sights set on our Bells Bend Park poster by illustrator Ligia Teodosiu they wanted to do a version featuring their whisky bottle and a hunting dog.

They threw us a bone with one of their cork-topped whisky bottles and the first thing we did was open it up to test out the flavor. This was very important research. 

Following that illustrator Aaron Johnson let the dogs out to find the right pose to capture the spirit of the hunting dog. 

After choosing their pick of the litter we rendered all the new elements and retooled the background a bit to fit the new composition. 

After all was said and done the finished product was quite the catch. After that we promised to never make dog puns again if we could come out of the doghouse and sleep on the rug.