Friday, November 6, 2015

Postcards Anyone?

We have created hundreds of different designs since we started producing poster art in 2003. All 700+ designs are available on our site as 18" x 24" gallery prints. We have found that people enjoy collecting our art in miniature form—4" x 6" postcard versions which are great for use in scrap books, framing as wall decor, craft projects, sending to pen pals, or just hoarding as inspiration for future trips or design projects. Postcards are affordable, versatile and fun. They pack all of the color and imagery of a poster into a pocket-sized space.

Let’s face it—a hand-written card from someone is a LOT more meaningful than a text message, an e-mail, or a dancing e-card. When you take the time to pick out a lovely piece of art, sit down to write a thoughtful note, and send it to that Special Someone, you have gone the extra mile and created a keepsake that might not ever be discarded by the recipient.

As you can tell, we LOVE postcards. And over the years, we’ve made lots of collector postcard sets—bundled batches of our most popular poster designs in a miniature format. These collector sets are cool, but it has always been a challenge to make our poster art available for purchase as single postcards. (Imagine the inventory nightmare of printing postcards of every design we have created and keeping them around just in case someone wanted to buy a particular design in a postcard size!)

Personalized Postcards
After turning down scores of disappointed brides and event planners who wanted to use our poster art to create a custom invitation or a save-the-date card, we finally figured out a practical and affordable way to make our designs available in a short run postcard format. now makes it possible for us to offer hundreds of our most popular designs as single postcards. Now anyone can access our art for the front of a postcard, add some custom text to the back, and order any quantity of personalized postcards, big or small.

Just click on this link to see our ever-growing selection of postcard design options on Zazzle. We are starting with our American and World Travel favorites. We will continue to add new designs whenever we have themes that would make great postcards, invitations, or announcements.

Collector Sets
We are poster design geeks, and we just can’t seem to stop creating new art. Over the years, we have produced lots of different collector series. Here are a few of our favorites:

The Spirit of Nashville Collection: 
Our longest-selling postcard set celebrates our hometown with 29 designs of iconic Music City landmarks, vistas and themes. We have produced thousands of these sets over the last decade, and they have all been printed and hand-assembled in Nashville. Brides often use these cards to dress up their weddings with a Music City theme.

Nashville has an incredible food scene. So we created a foodie postcard set to celebrate many of the amazing eateries we love to visit. You can see these sets on our site.

The Coastal Collection: 
After creating dozens of coastal themed prints, we compiled a set of our favorite breezy designs. You can see this set on our site.

The World Travel Collection: 
Since there are so many cool places to see in the whole world, we had a very hard time deciding which designs to include in this 24-piece set. Check it out on our site.

The Art & Soul of America Collection: 
We have produced hundreds of posters for our American travel series. Way too many to feature in a postcard set. So we produced a best-of series in a 3-box set and broke them up into cities West of the Mississippi, favorite National Parks, and cities East of the Mississippi. This set was extra fun because we created boxes that can be lined up to create a map of the USA. You can see this 3-box set on our site.

The Southern Delight Collection: 
Being from the South, we have a whole gaggle of useful expressions that we use to spice up ordinary conversation. These cherished saying and sentence-enhancers are too good not to be made into poster art and sent around the planet through the mail. If you are from the South, or if you like how we talk, you should pick up a Southern set on our site.

The National Parks Collection: 
We spent 5 years creating posters for every one of the 59 National Parks. Then we produced a coffee table book that required more art to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park System. After creating over 70 different designs, we chose our favorite 59 prints and assembled a complete set of NPS postcards. We also added a 12-card set that features art we commissioned from our favorite oil painter, Kai Carpenter.  These card sets are also available on our site.

So there you have it. Great poster art makes awesome postcards. Awesome postcards enhance important relationships. Important relationships make life worth living. Whether you like collector sets, or personalized versions of your favorite single designs, has a plethora of postcards waiting for you!

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